Thank you for your interest in my coaching services! This page is to help you determine if I'm the right coach for you and what type of services you need. There are 3 different options: my 8-week online group course, personal one-on-one coaching, or just a structured meal plan to get you through your Whole30 and Reintroduction without any additional coaching. I also offer coaching services for JUST Reintroduction + Food Freedom, or JUST Food Freedom for individuals who have done the Whole30 on their own and just need a little extra support for long-term success, as well as an accountability-only option for returning clients.

If you have questions regarding any of my services below, you can contact me here. If you like what I offer and would like to work with me, you can sign up and/or pay for any of my services by following the link at the bottom of this page to my PayPal account. After I receive your payment, you will be contacted via email to set your start date and to provide you with the materials you need to begin.

You can read about my own Whole30 journey here.
Not counting the 50 people I coached through the Whole30 before I became a Whole30 Certified Coach in August of 2018, I've coached roughly 25 people, most of those being one-on-one clients. I coach locally and virtually and have done both online and in-person groups in my community.

"Lisa is a great health coach. She really understands the science behind food and does a great job of explaining to her clients. She's responsive with communication and keeping the motivation high when needed. I would highly recommend Lisa for Whole30 Coaching. I'm glad I didn't just try to do it on my own. The education I got from her was worth more than just reading the Whole30 books." Brett Nord, UT (Group course)

The 8-week group course includes the following:
*    A full meal plan with recipes and weekly shopping lists for the Whole30 + Fast Track Reintroduction (42 days). The meal plan includes ideas of what you can prep ahead on the weekend to save precious time during the week, as well as pre and post workout snack ideas.
*    You'll be added to a group page where there will be daily posts, supplemental resources, information and inspiration to help you during your Whole30. Being a part of a group also helps reinforce your commitment to completing the program and provides an excellent source of accountability and community.
*    Weekly 1-hr webinars, followed by Q & A/discussion sessions on the following topics:
Week 1: What is Whole30? (Rules/Resources)
Week 2: Your Brain on Food (How certain foods effect our hormones and food-seeking behavior)
Week 3: Food and Disease (Gut health and Autoimmune Disease)
Week 4: Dispelling Food Myths (Artificial Sugar, Dairy/Calcium, Cholesterol/Saturated Fat, Whole Grains, etc.)
Week 5: Vitamin Supplementation & Reintroduction
Week 6: Food Freedom 3-Step Plan (Reset & Reintroduction,Living in your Food Freedom, Realizing you are starting to slip, Repeat as needed)
Week 7: In-the-Moment and Long-Term Success Strategies
Week 8: Building Healthy Habits (identifying your Tendency so you can initiate strategies that work, spotting and dealing with loopholes, etc.)

"Lisa has stayed in touch with me continually throughout the entire process. I know that she will always have the answers to my questions and get back to me in a very timely manner. I can tell she has done it herself and that she has researched and studied. She is very knowledgeable of all the Do's and Don'ts of the Whole30 plan. She has great ideas when it comes to my lifestyle and has made things very personal to me. I love how she took the time to know what I like and dislike, and what I needed as in quicker meals or crockpot meals. Lisa is a great coach I will strongly recommend her to all my friends who are looking for a coach to have a reset! " K'Lyn Gray, UT (Personal coaching)

If a group isn't your thing and you need a little more personal attention, you can work with me one on one. It includes the 42 day meal plan with recipes, shopping lists and prep tips, weekly webinars (but with just you, not in a group setting), plus you get daily, personal accountability via text or call, and weekly check-ins over the phone as we personalize a Food Freedom success plan tailored to your tendency/personality.

"I contacted Lisa to help me with my Whole30 Reintroduction and I am so glad I did! Reintroduction seemed so confusing to me but Lisa made it SUPER easy and guided me through the process. I was given a schedule of what to reintroduce, when to reintroduce it along with a comprehensive meal plan and shopping list. She does give you the option of following your own meal plan and I almost did, but turns out the meal plan/recipes she provided were SO much tastier and easier than anything I would have come up with. I feel that I got so much value out of this experience and cannot recommend Lisa enough!" Rachel Hutchens, UT (Reintroduction)

The Reintroduction part of the Whole30 is one of the most crucial aspects of the program and is often botched, either because it's confusing, or people are "jonesing" to eat all the foods they missed during the elimination portion (i.e. planning a vacation for Day 31). Unfortunately, many of the people who skip this important step end up snapping like a yo-yo back into their old habits, causing the Whole30 to be just another "diet" instead of the life-changing, lead-you-to-Food-Freedom experience it is meant to be.

This personal service includes the 12-day meal plan which follows the fast track reintroduction schedule, complete with delicious recipes and shopping lists for each week. You'll also get weekly 1-hr webinars about Reintroduction and Food Freedom, after which we will create your personalized Food Freedom strategies for success (tailored to your personality and tendency) so that you start your new lifestyle off with the tools you'll need to stay on track.

This is a great option for very self-motivated individuals who would be able to do the Whole30 without accountability via a group or coach, and are just looking for a solid meal plan with tried and true recipes to get them through the Whole30 and Reintroduction process.

"I am eating better and feeling better than ever with this new clarity and control. I literally feel so great about what I'm doing. I'm truly in food freedom and I'm not feeling stressed about food right now at all. We [Lisa and I] talked about a lot of things and [she] gave me many strategies." SH, Utah (Food Freedom)

Many times, people feel really great during the reset and reintroduction, but struggle with their Food Freedom from no fault of their own. If you have a long history of "dieting", changing your mindset about food can take extra work and an outside perspective to help you troubleshoot the issues at hand. Take it from someone who has been in the trenches (and some days still is), changing your relationship with food is a journey that is not easy, but so totally worth it in the end. Starting with understanding your past struggles with eating/yo-yo dieting, I assist you in discovering the WHY (your fears, emotions, etc.) behind your pattern of not eating well. I work with you to discover what eating style works best for you, help you come up with strategies that are specific to your personality/tendency, and guide you through some intuitive eating principles that can initiate you beginning to TRUST yourself around food. We can meet as many times as you need to evaluate if the strategies/principles are working and you feel like you are in a good place in your Food Freedom.

If you have already worked with me through a Whole30 + Reintroduction, already have the materials I provided during that previous round and are starting another round in which you just need accountability, then I offer a reduced rate for daily texts and/or calls for 42 days.

That answer is complicated and requires a lot of self-reflection.

If you have an undiagnosed eating disorder or have a long history of restrictive dieting and/or bingeing, that also might be a red flag that the Whole30 can activate some disordered eating behaviors.

I suggest reading the following articles, or perhaps talking to a qualified health professional before beginning a program such as this, if you think it could be a trigger for you.

So, if you think the Whole30 Program and my coaching is a good fit, just sign up/pay by selecting the service you want below and clicking the "Buy Now" button. After I receive your payment, you will be contacted within 24 hours via email to set your start date and receive the materials you need to begin. I'm truly looking forward to getting to know you better and help you on your path towards Food Freedom. xoxo Lisa

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